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Based in San Francisco and Washington, DC, Purchia Communications brings a hands-on, creative, results-based approach to their clients.

Brian Purchia is a communications and policy strategist who has served as a new media advisor for Fortune 500 companies and as a spokesman for social change organizations, tech start-ups, politicians, labor unions, and advocacy campaigns. As the former new media director for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Purchia provides clients with innovative solutions to get their message across in a crowded media landscape. Before opening his own communications firm, Purchia worked in media, as a reporter in Washington, DC.

Liz Purchia has more than a decade of crisis communications, public relations and political and government experience. Most recently, she was the head of communications and national spokesperson for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, leading the agency’s work on climate change communications under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. Liz got her start in the Obama world on the 2008 campaign in Iowa and during the re-elect, she was the Iowa Press Secretary. She went on to work both Presidential Inaugurations and as Deputy Press Secretary for the U.S Department of Agriculture during the first term.